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Refinance Your Home

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Have interest rates on home loans gone down since you signed on your mortgage? Has your credit score increased or your DTI ratio dropped?

If you think you might qualify for a more competitive mortgage today, a refinance on your home loan could be in order.

Benefits of Refinancing Your Home

There are so many possible benefits of refinancing at the right time. Here are some to consider:

Refinancing your mortgage could mean lowering your interest rate.

You can restructure your mortgage when you refinance, changing the format of your interest rate and/or your loan term.

With your enhanced bargaining power, the overall terms of your refinanced mortgage could be more favorable.

Refinancing can save money, reduce stress, and increase financial stability.

When to Refinance

How do you know if this is the time to refinance your mortgage?

Many borrowers refinance when interest rates drop significantly compared to what they were when they took out their original home loan. There is no reason to go on paying a higher rate when your neighbors are paying less on interest every month.

If your risk profile has become more favorable than it was when you took out your original mortgage, it makes sense to refinance. A higher credit score and lower DTI ratio should mean that you qualify for better rates and terms today than you did originally.

Refinancing is also wise when plans change. Maybe you originally thought you would only be staying in your house for several years, so you chose a loan with an adjustable mortgage rate. If you will be staying for a long time, you can refinance to a fixed rate for greater financial stability.

The reverse would also call for a potential refinance. If you chose a fixed rate, assuming you would be in the home for long time, and now you know you will be moving out in a few years, switching to an ARM with a low initial rate could save you money.

If your income has increased and you can now afford to make larger monthly payments, refinancing can allow you to pay off your mortgage early without prepayment penalty.

If your income has decreased, refinancing to a longer term will allow you to make smaller monthly payments going forward.

If you have been paying for PMI on a loan which requires it, refinancing to another type of loan may allow you to stop paying for PMI. This can save considerable money over time.

Need some extra cash? It could be time for a cash-out refinance. With this type of loan, you can receive a lump sum of cash which you can use for home repairs and upgrades and other expenses.

Our Lender for Life Guaranteed Refinance Program

Here at The Best Home Loans, we want to make sure that your mortgage works for you over the long term, not just when you sign on it originally. That is why we offer a guarantee program called “Lender for Life.”

Through this program, you can get a free refinance on your home loan anytime over the lifetime of the mortgage. That means that when you first shop for a mortgage, you can pick the loan which is mot suitable for you at that time without worrying about the future. It also means that if you originally worked with us on your existing mortgage and are due for a refinance, we can take care of it for you at no cost.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Facundo Lavino
Facundo Lavino
19:16 26 Oct 21
Nichole and Brian are AMAZING. They were resourceful, patient and made it happen for us. We got a new house thanks to them. Thank you very much
They did an amazing job of getting the rates we wanted and quickly with ease. I highly recommend them if you are buying in CA!
Shaktivan Chamba
Shaktivan Chamba
22:18 15 Oct 21
Brian and Nicole are a pleasure to work with. appreciate the clarity, availability to answer the many questions, capabilities to succuessfully fund, kindness, trustworthiness. thanks
Nauz Karami
Nauz Karami
14:42 13 Oct 21
It was such a pleasure to work with Brian and Nichole on this loan. As a real estate professional I work with so many lenders/ brokers so when it came time to choosing one for my personal deal I definitely had a lot of options. with that said I chose Brian and his team as they were the most responsive, gave me the best rate and we’re so on top of the file. The whole process was super easy and smooth and we didn’t have a single delay! Will definitely be sending all my clients to Grand Lending Team.
00:35 13 Oct 21
We had a great experience working with Nicole & Brian. They were efficient, professional, thorough, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

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