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About the Best Home Loans

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Whether you are shopping for your first home, you are a repeat homebuyer, or you are looking for a refinance, The Best Home Loans is your nationwide mortgage company.

We specialize in helping customers with a wide variety of financial situations, especially those who may have been turned down by other lending companies because of a low credit score, tax liens, a past foreclosure, or another challenging scenario.

Our Background

The Best Home Loans was launched in 2001. Since our inception, we’ve worked with homebuyers in all 50 states, including during the challenging years of the recession.

This far-reaching experience has given us the know-how as well as the patience and empathy to help borrowers with a range of credit scores, income levels, and financial situations to obtain affordable and flexible financing.

Meet Our Loan Experts

Nichole and Brian VerBurg

Nichole and Brian VerBurg have been in the real estate and home loan industry for almost 2 decades. Brian graduated from Michigan State in 2000 and his first job was for Independent Mortgage in Grand Rapids, MI. Shortly after he moved to California and started his own branch of Independent Mortgage. Nichole joined him in the industry in 2002 just before they started a branch of Prior to that Nichole was a manager for a large telecommunication company. They got married in 2003 and have worked together ever since.

Nichole and Brian have 3 main goals for every client:

To get them the absolute best deal possible for their home loan.
To make the loan processes as simple and easy as possible.
They by offering the best deals possible and making the processes as simple as it can be, they hope to become their clients’ go-to lender for life.

To accomplish these goals, they have searched long and hard nationwide to find the absolute best-priced wholesale lenders in the industry. As prices can change, they constantly monitor the entire wholesale mortgage market to ensure they can match borrowers with the most affordable loans.

Nichole and Brian also keep current with all the latest and greatest loan products. This allows them to offer virtually every type of home loan to their clients. Unlike a lot of mortgage brokers, Nichole and Brian are experts at everything from your normal conventional and jumbo loans to VA, FHA, USDA, reverse mortgages, rehab loans, Native American loans, HELOCs, and much more.

Outside of work, Nichole and Brian have 2 young children, Micah and Asher, that attend St. Serra Catholic Elementary School. They also have 2 bull terriers, Ringo and Penny. Nichole is deeply involved in volunteering at Serra Catholic. They are both passionate about music, love sushi, and enjoy their burgers protein-style at In-N-Out. Above all else, family is their priority and they show this by being loving and patient with each other and their children.

Nichole and Brian invite you to get in touch today to discuss your lending needs and formulate a plan to secure the right mortgage.

Shane Milne

Shane Milne is a respected mortgage expert who has been in the industry since 2002. He is the go-to resource for many loan officers when they have a loan with complex issues. He is known for giving honest mortgage answers while helping homeowners and homebuyers to navigate the complex process of qualifying for a mortgage.

Shane specializes in helping borrowers who have unique lending needs, whether those involve credit challenges, federal tax liens, income challenges, or the need for a creative mortgage solution. His years of experience and vast knowledge of mortgage guidelines allow his clients a smooth journey from underwriting through funding. If you have a tough mortgage issue, Shane is your go-to expert.

We Can Help Customers Who ...

  • Are shopping for their first mortgage.
  • Are repeat homebuyers.
  • Have excellent or sub-par credit scores, debt-to-income ratios, and other qualifications.
  • Require an alternative to full paper documentation when applying for a loan (see our Bank Statement Loan program).
  • Have been foreclosed on in the past.
  • Have declared bankruptcy, or have had other financial difficulties involving collections, charge offs, or tax liens.

Every homebuyer who works with us can look forward to being treated as an individual. No matter what your circumstances might be, you deserve your piece of the American dream, and we will work hard to qualify you for it.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Facundo Lavino
Facundo Lavino
19:16 26 Oct 21
Nichole and Brian are AMAZING. They were resourceful, patient and made it happen for us. We got a new house thanks to them. Thank you very much
They did an amazing job of getting the rates we wanted and quickly with ease. I highly recommend them if you are buying in CA!
Shaktivan Chamba
Shaktivan Chamba
22:18 15 Oct 21
Brian and Nicole are a pleasure to work with. appreciate the clarity, availability to answer the many questions, capabilities to succuessfully fund, kindness, trustworthiness. thanks
Nauz Karami
Nauz Karami
14:42 13 Oct 21
It was such a pleasure to work with Brian and Nichole on this loan. As a real estate professional I work with so many lenders/ brokers so when it came time to choosing one for my personal deal I definitely had a lot of options. with that said I chose Brian and his team as they were the most responsive, gave me the best rate and we’re so on top of the file. The whole process was super easy and smooth and we didn’t have a single delay! Will definitely be sending all my clients to Grand Lending Team.
00:35 13 Oct 21
We had a great experience working with Nicole & Brian. They were efficient, professional, thorough, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

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